Frequently Asked Questions.
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When are the busiest and quietest times for the Mini-Golf?

It can be difficult to say how busy the Mini-Golf course will be on a day that you choose to visit. Seasonal variations, school holidays and event periods tend to busier than mid week term time dates.

However, with a bit of planning you can still have the most amazing time. Early mornings and early evenings tend to be quieter.

Is the Mini-Golf course open in bad weather?

Maidenhead Mini-Golf is an outdoor activity and is therefore subject to the great British weather.

Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear should unfavourable weather be forecast

The course will only close during periods of heavy snow and ice or flooding. Please check our Facebook page for updates on closure prior to making your journey

Is car parking available?

Parking is availiable – Free parking at weekends – 3 hours free to Advantage Card holders midweek & £1 for 3 hours midweek

Can I Spectate rather than play?

A fee paying adult must escort a fee paying junior around the course at all times. Extra adults can only spectate in the designated central gazebo area should they wish to observe play.

How many people can play?

We operate a policy of maximum 5 players per hole.

If your group is larger than 5 people we recommend you divide yourself in to teams

What age constitutes a Junior player?

Age under 16 years.

Is the Mini-Golf course wheelchair friendly?

Yes, the Mini-Golf course has been designed to be wheelchair friendly.

How do I score?

On arrival you will be offered one of our scorecards and a pencil.

Each hole on the course is numbered and the par rating is shown on the scorecard against each numbered hole.

The aim is to putt the ball into the hole with the least amount of putts. For example if you putt the ball 3 times to get it in the hole, you should write down 3 on your scorecard against the corresponding hole.

Once you have completed your round, add up the total number of putts for either 9 or 18 holes and the individual with the lowest score wins the game

NB> You can enjoy your game without scoring if you wish….The choice is yours!

Is there seating?

We do have seats in our covered gazebo on the course and in the clubhouse.

I am left-handed – do I need to bring my own golf putters?

Our Mini-Golf putters are compatible for both right and left handed players. You can bring your own putter if you wish.

What about golf balls?

We provide floating golf balls where we have a selection of your favourite colours

How do I know which size golf putter to use?

We have different sizes of Mini-Golf putters. The best way to judge which one is best for you is to stand the putter up against your leg – the top of the putter should be roughly the same height as your waist

How long does 9 holes take?

Depending on how busy the course is during the time of your visit it may take between 30 minutes and up to 45 minutes to complete the course

If in doubt please ask a member of our Reception staff.

How long does 18 holes take?

Again, this can depend on how busy the course is during your visit. It may take between 60 minutes and up to 75 minutes to complete the course

What ages can play?

Mini-Golf is a unique activity that grandparents and grandchildren can play together.

Whether you are age 4 or 104 everybody is welcome to join in the competitive fun

Do I need experience in golf to be able to play?

Our Mini-Golf course is designed with absolute beginners in mind but equally our course is suitable for the more experienced player.

Whether you are looking for some light hearted fun and lots of laughter or if you are an avid, competitive Mini-Golfer our course is perfectly suited for all abilities and ages

Is smoking permitted?

We operate a no smoking policy.

Are there any toilet facilities?

Yes, we have toilet facilities which have wheelchair access.

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